"Breathing in Motion" Workshop

A series of workshops that I created by weaving together 3 methods in order to help people to reintegrate dynamic physiological breathing into their bodies.




1st step : Take note of the tensions that are blocking a free and deep respiration.

2nd step : Unblock those tensions using the MELT method.

3rd step : Relearn the correct movements to reintegrate physiological dynamic breathing according to the bio-mechanical logic of the Posture et Mouvement method.  

4th step : Apply this breathing technique to classical Pilates mat exercises.



Equipement : A mat and a soft roller, provided by me.



Duration : 2 hours

Number of people : 4-5

Rate : 25€

Rates based on a one hour class, unless specified otherwise.  Class duration can vary according to the needs of the student and will be decided before the beginning of the class.


Payment method : personal checks (3 maximum) or cash


Each package is valid for one calendar year, starting on the date of purchase.


No free trial classes.


No refunds unless there is an exceptional circumstance to be reviewed on a case by case basis.


Gift cards are available.  

Don't speak French? No problem, I can give classes in English!




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